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1. KPD, LOE, MNF, NMG, __





Answer: Option B

2. The 30 members of a club decided to play a badminton singles tournament. Every time a member loses a game he is out of the tournament. There are no ties. What is the minimum number of matches that must be played to determine the winner ?




D.None of these

Answer: B


Clearly, every member except one (i.e. the winner) must lose one game to decide the winner. Thus, minimum number of matches to be played = 30 – 1 = 29.

3. A rectangle is 14 cm long and 10 cm wide. If the length is reduced by x cms and its width is increased also by x cms so as to make it a square then its area changes by

A. 4

B. 144

C. 2

D. 12

Ans. A

4. 5 : 36 : : 6 : ?

A. 48

B. 49

C. 50

D. 56

Answer: Option C

5. Given set: (6, 36, 63)

A. (7, 49, 98)

B. (8, 64, 46)

C. (9, 84, 85)

D. (11, 111, 84)

Answer: Option B


In each set second number is the square of the first number and the third number is obtained by reversing the order of the digits of the second number.

6. On which day of the week did Sohan visit Chennai?

I. Sohan returned to Hyderabad from Chennai on Thursday.

II. Sohan left Hyderabad on Monday for Chennai.

A. If the data in statement I alone are sufficient.

B. If the data in statement II alone are sufficient.

C. If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient.

D. If the data given in both the statements I and II together are not sufficient.

Answer: Option D


Even the information given in both the statements I and II together are not sufficient

7. Pointing towards Rita, Nikhil said, ìI am the only son of her motherís son, How is Rita related to Nikhil?

A. Aunt

B. Niece

C. Mother

D. Cousin

Answer: Option A


Ritaís motherís son ñRitaís Brother, So Nikhil is the son of Ritaís Brother or Rita is Nikhilís aunt.

8. In which of the following expression will the expression Q < M does not hold true?

A. F = Q = R < S = T = M

B. F < Q > R = S > T = M

C. F = Q = R = S = T < M

D. F = Q = R = S = T < M

Answer: Option B

9. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement:

Input: going but for crept te light sir

Step I: crept going but for te light sir

Step II: crept going light but for te sir

Step III: crept going light but for sir te

As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the given input.

If the second step of an input is ‘clever remand window sales batch tiger never’ which of the following will be its sixth step?

A. clever remand window batch sales tiger never

B. window remand clever sales batch tiger never

C. batch never sales tiger clever remand window

D. clever remand window tiger batch sales never

E. It cannot have sixth step

Answer: Option E


The words are arranged according to the number of letters they have, one at a time. The word with the maximum number of letters is put first. If two words have the same number of letter, we go alphabetical arrangement.

Step II: clever remand window sales batch tiger never

Step III: clever remand window batch sales tiger never

Step IV: clever remand window batch never sales tiger

Now, step IV would be the last step.

10. Statement:

Should all the students passing out from the government run colleges and desirous of settling abroad be asked to pay back the cost of their education to the government?


I. Yes, such students who study on the resources of the exchequer should be discouraged to leave the country.

II. No, every citizen has the right to select their place of further study or work and therefore such a condition is unjustified.

A. If only argument I is strong

B. If only argument II is strong

C. If either I or II is strong

D. If neither I nor II is strong

E. If both I and II are strong

Answer: Option E


Both the arguments I and II are strong. Argument I is strong because optimum use of the resources of the exchequer is desirable. Discouraging such people will lessen the problem of brain drain. Argument II is strong on the basis of the powers equipped by the constitution to the citizens.

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