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Technical interview :

This was about 2hrs for me. Questions were posed from subjects such as DBMS, C, OS, CN, Software engineering, JAVA, and other general questions. First the interviewer posed questions to know whether I am really interested for joining cordysis or not. Then he gave a real time proble on DBMS.

1: There is a institution which gives coaching for many courses such as java,C,C++ etc . The courses were given online basis. The options to students are that a student can apply for as many courses as he wish and select any faculty of his choice because the faculty were versatile(knows all subjects). Then there may be chance that a 1000 students choose on subj ex 'c'; and only one sir cannot teach and your Data base must have facility to divide students based on faculty they choose. so a faculty may get only 2 stu.. and other may get 500 stu. Write down the tables for it.

2:He gave two tables table consists of eid, prjtid table b consists of prjtid , prjtname and aske to select those students how wor on a particular prjt name.

3.Asked on transactions protocol procedures and asked how can I run two transaction on one machine in a atomic fashion.

4.Asked on 'c' doublylinked list , circularly doubly linked list and practical examples for that.

5.Asked on efficient search method for a list of numbers on unsorted list of numbers. any improvements necessary for 'c' language.

Asked does an OS do in case of dead lock

What is preemption, mutual exclusion, etc

7q ON CN

Which protocol is TCP ip , muticast and other simple ques:

HR Tell abt yur self and family

Appreciable work u have done in prev 3 yrs.

Strengths, hobbies etc

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