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1. Human nature is full of contradictions: there is so much pose in the sincere, baseness in the noble and goodness in the _____.

(A) reprobate

(B) incorrigible

(C) primitive

(D) superficial

(E) unoriginal

(F) Inactive

A. A and B

B. B and C

C. C and D

D. D and E

Answer: Option A


The blank needs a word that contradicts goodness. Something that is opposite in meaning to the word ‘goodness’ can be ‘reprobate’ and ‘incorrigible’. The rest do not contradict the word ‘goodness’.

2.He stole a car recently





Answer: OptionA

3. History

A. historically

B. historical

C. histrionics

D. histrionic

Answer: Option B

4. A person should be _____ for what he is and not for what community or religion he belongs to.

(A) respected

(B) admired

(C) considered

(D) honoured

(E) valued

(F) revered

A. A and E

B. D and E

C. B and C

D. D and F

Answer: Option A


A person is not ‘admired’ or ‘honoured’ for merely ‘belonging to’ a religion or community. ‘Consider’ is illogical. Hence respected or valued.

5. Movement

A. move

B. movable

C. movingly

D. movably

Answer: Option A

6. Violin

A. an

B. en

C. ty

D. ist

Answer: Option D

7. I have got increasingly disillusioned ______ Blair’s stance on Iraq.

A. at B. by C. with D. of

Answer: Option C

8. To be in stitches

A. to destroy something violently B. to put in extra work C. to use the needle and the thread D. to laugh a lot E. to be in debts

Answer: Option D

Solution: ‘To be in stitches’ is an informal expression which is used when one is ‘laughing a lot’.

9. When are you going to Delhi?

A. present perfect B. present continous C. past perfect D. simple future

Answer: Option B

10. The watchman waved his cane. In the nick of time the barking dog ran away.

a) As soon as the barking ———– b) Hardly was the watchman ———– c) No sooner does the watchman ———–

A. Only A B. Only B

C. Only C

D. A , B & D

E. None of these

Answer: Option E

11. Although our country is self-sufficient in defence equipment, it is want in peace and security.

A. it is lacking in peace and security

B. it wants to have peace and security

C. it possesses peace and security

D. it is wanting to have peace and security

Answer: Option A


Choice (A) is the correct substitute for the underlined part. The use of ‘although’ suggests that a word opposite in meaning to ‘self-sufficient’ has to be used in the second part. ‘Lacking’ is more apt. ‘Warning’ can also go. But in choice (D) ‘warning’ is followed by ‘to have’ which makes it ungrammatical.

12. Plants help in reducing atmospheric pollution. They also help in cooling the surroundings.

(A) Besides reducing …..

(B) Apart from reducing …..

(C) Plants not only help in cooling but …..

A. Only A B. Only B C. Only C D. None of these E. All the three

Answer: Option E

Solution: All the three sentences convey the correct meaning.

13. Reading books

(P) is a habit (Q) but also enlarges the mind (R) because it not only increases knowledge (S) which must be cultivated by everybody


Answer: Option C

14. My copy is as good or better than yours.

A. as good as or B. as good as C. as good and better D. none

Answer: Option B

15. Success is achieved not by mere dreaming, anticipating and planning but by executing your plan of action.

A. achieved not merely by dreaming

B. attained not by merely dreaming

C. attained merely not by dreaming

D. attained not by dreaming merely

Answer: Option A

Solution: Choices (B), (C) and (D) are incorrect due to the inappropriate positioning of the adverbs.

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