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1. The teacher punished the boys who had not done their homework?

A. The boys were punished by their teacher who had not done their homework.

B. The boys who had not done their homework had been punished by their teacher.

C. The boys who had not done their homework were being punished by the teacher.

D. The boys who had not done their homework were punished by the teacher.

Answer: Option D

2. A person leaving his native country to settle in another.

A. immigrant

B. emigrant

C. traveller

D. nomad

Answer: Option B


A. diminish

B. disappear

C. improve

D. vanish

E. shudder

Answer: Option C


Erode means to gradually wear away or deteriorate, improve is its antonym.

4. During the holiday season, the ______ theme is “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward All.”

A. mitigated

B. arrogant

C. controversial

D. prevalent

E. prestigious

Answer: Option D


Prevalent (adj.) means widespread or widely accepted; predominant or extensive.

5. He flouted the traffic rules. A fine was imposed on him.

(A) Having flouted the traffic rules …..

(B) As he flouted the traffic rules …..

(C) Since he flouted the traffic rules …..

A. Only A

B. Only B

C. A and B

D. B and C

E. A and C

Answer: Option D


The reason for the fine being imposed on him was that he flouted the traffic rules, this is conveyed when the two sentences are combined using B and C as the probable starters.

6. I am angry with him —— his carelessness.

A. on

B. to

C. for

D. at

Answer: Option C

7. Whom are you talking —–

A. to

B. too

C. by

D. over

Answer: Option A


A. lethargic

B. dejected

C. fertile

D. boring

E. euphoric

Answer: Option B

Solution: Desolate (miserable, forsake) and dejected are synonyms.

9. The planning and management of natural resources is becoming increasingly complex as the _____ human population places increasing demands on the shrinking resources.

(A) prospering

(B) burgeoning

(C) developing

(D) flourishing

(E) expanding

(F) diverse

A. A and D

B. B and E

C. C and D

D. C and F

E. D and F

Answer: Option B


The human population is increasing or ‘burgeoning’ day-by-day, or expanding. The reference is to growth in number.

10. He has written a poem which fascinates everyone.

A. A poem has been written by him which fascinates everyone.

B. Everyone is fascinated by the poem which has been written by him.

C. Poem written by him fascinates everyone

D. Every one fascinates the poem written by him.

Answer: Option B

Solution: Everyone is fascinated by the poem which has been written by him.

11. Let us go to a restaurant and have —– coffee

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. no article

Answer: Option A

12. I was extremely tired. Yet I continued working.

(A) Despite being …..

(B) Since I was …..

(C) Although I was …..

A. A and B

B. Only C

C. A and C

D. Only A

E. None of these

Answer: Option C

Solution: The word ‘since’ suggests a reason. Hence, B is incorrect. The sentences present a contradiction.

13. Choose the best word in the given passage.

A. will

B. are

C. is

D. was

E. were

Answer: Option B

14. According to the Bible (a) / it is meek and humble (b) / who shall inherit the earth (c) / No error (d)

A. according to the Bible

B. it is meek and humble

C. who shall inherit the earth

D. no error

Answer: Option B

15. All of us have some unique skill sets and personality traits those give us high competence in some areas.

A. which give us highly competence

B. they give us high competence

C. that give us high competence

D. they make us highly competent

E. No correction required

Answer: Option C

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