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In V belt drive contact is made on 1) bottom 2) sides 3)bottom and sides

2 Section modulus of hollow shaft PI/32*(D4-d4)/D

3. Down milling is also called Climb milling

4.Drilling is an example of Oblique cutting

5.Section view of ’C’ washer

6.Deflection of simple supported beam carrying UDL 5/384*Wl4/EI

7.Flexible coupling is used because

8.Washer is used to provide bearing area

9.Initial tension is considered in

10.Kelvin plank law deals with 1) Conservation of work into heat 2) conservation of heat into work

11.Soldering alloy consists of Tin and lead

12.Why chromium is used in steel alloys? Corrosive resistance

13.High cutting speed is obtained while machining

14.Metal forming is an example of chipless machining

15.Top rake angle is provided for Easy removal of chip

16.Alloying is done for increased strength and application

17.Transformer is used welding 1)to convert AC to AC

18.spheroidal cast iron is getting from Grey cast iron by adding Mg

19.In throttling process Enthalpy constant

20.70 cc of engine means swept volume

21.Tan (a) = co efficient of friction

22.Geneva mechanism is used for Intermittent motion

23.In NC system for profile machining

24.In centreless grinding, the grinding wheel and the regulating wheels rotate in the same direction.

25.Centridal distance of a semi circle 4*r/3*pi

26.Highest packing factor: FCC

27.Which chart takes care of conrol attributes : Pchart, C chart, R chart

28.Fixture is used for holding the workpiece without disturbing the tool path

29.Code for circular interpolation G 02

30.Order of transmission in a car: EFCPD

Engine Flywheel Clutch propeller shaft Differential

31.Reverse gear has less speed because

1.More speed is not necessary in reverse gear 2.Steering is difficult in the reverse direction 3.less space availability 4.Design simplification

32. which of the following has no unit: specific gravity

33. use of annealing : to relieve stresses

34. question on stress concentration

35. how many squares are there in this figure: 14

36. pulley question: w=f/2

37. equivalent stiffness of springs in series: k1k2/(k1+k2)

38. Deflection=5 mm.stiffness=k,.then applied load is

39 bevel gear is used in differential

what is the stress in xx section? 1)bending 2)axial loading 3)both

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