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12. For too long, school cafeterias, in an effort to provide food they thought would be appetizing to young people, mimicked fast-food restaurants, serving items such as burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken. School districts nationwide are now addressing this trend by incorporating some simple and inexpensive options that will make cafeteria lunches healthier while still appealing to students. This paragraph best supports the statement that

A. school cafeterias have always emphasized nutritional guidelines over any other considerations.

B. young people would rather eat in a school cafeteria than a local fast-food restaurant.

C. school lunch menus are becoming healthier due to major new initiatives on the part of school districts.

D. it is possible to make school lunches both healthier and appealing without spending a great deal of money and undertaking a radical transformation.

E. vegetarian lunch options would greatly improve the nutritional value of the school lunch program.

Answer: Option D


The final sentence of the paragraph supports choice d. The other choices are not supported by the passage. Choice c may seem correct at first, but the paragraph states that the new initiatives are simple and inexpensive, not major. Choice e might seem to represent a truth, but vegetarian options are not discussed in this paragraph.

13. Statement:

Should there be a cap on maximum number of contestants for parliamentary elections in any constituency?


I. Yes, this will make the parliamentary elections more meaningful as the voters can make a considered judgement for casting their vote.

II. No, in a democracy any person fulfilling the eligibility criteria can contest parliamentary elections and there should be no such restrictions.

A. If only argument I is strong

B. If only argument II is strong

C. If either I or II is strong

D. If neither I nor II is strong

E. If both I and II are strong

Answer: Option E


I is strong because it will make the election process more meaningful and purposeful. II is strong on account of the tenets of democracy.

14. Mrs. Jansen recently moved to Arizona. She wants to fill her new backyard with flowering plants. Although she is an experienced gardener, she isn’t very well-versed in what plants will do well in the Arizona climate. Also, there is a big tree in her backyard making for shady conditions and she isn’t sure what plants will thrive without much direct sunlight. Her favorite gardening catalog offers several backyard seed packages. Which one should Mrs. Jansen choose?

A. The Rainbow Collection is ideal for Northeast gardens. It includes a variety of colorful perennials that thrive in cool, moist conditions.

B. The Greenhouse Collection will blossom year after year if planted in brightly lit locations and watered regularly.

C. The Tree house Collection will provide lush green plants with delicate colorful flowers that thrive in shady and partially shady locations.

D. The Oasis Collection includes a variety of perennials that thrive in dry climates and bright sunlight.

Answer: Option C


The Tree house Collection is the only package that can thrive in shady locations. Choice a requires a Northeastern climate. Choices b and d require bright sunlight.

15. Choose out the odd one.

A. Cumin

B. Ground Nut

C. Cinnamon

D. Pepper

Answer: Option B


All except ground nut are spices.

1. The French surrendered Qu?bec to the English in 1759.

A. Quebec was surrendered by the French to the English in 1759.

B. Quebec was surrendered to the English in 1759 by the French.

C. Quebec was surrendered in 1759 by the French to the English.

D. The English were surrendered Qu?bec in 1759 by the French.

Answer: Option A

2. Something that cannot be taken away.

A. legible

B. edible

C. natural

D. inalienable

Answer: Option D


A. sloght

B. exudative

C. venal

D. moderate

E. unpardonable

Answer: Option E

Solution: The words venial (pardonable) and unpardonable are antonyms.

4. Patrick, who was always joking, added ______ to the formal dinner, which his sedate employer did not appreciate.

A. contemplation

B. ordinance

C. tutelage

D. levity

E. sincerity

Answer: Option D

Solution: Levity (n.) is an inappropriate lack of seriousness or lightness of manner; frivolity.

5. It is raining. I will attend office.

(A) Since it is raining …..

(B) Though it is raining …..

(C) It is raining, nevertheless …..

A. Only A

B. A and B

C. Only B

D. B and C

E. Only C

Answer: Option D

Solution: The two sentences are contradictory. Though, although, nevertheless, yet etc. can be used to combine the sentences without changing the meaning conveyed.

6. I brought him —— with great difficulty.

A. up

B. about

C. round

D. in

Answer: Option A

7. Select the odd one out

A. Blackboard

B. Duster

C. Computer

D. Chalk

Answer: Option C.


A. weary

B. agile

C. inactive

D. skilled

E. cordial

Answer: Option B

Solution: The words nimble (quick in movement or thought) and agile are synonymous.

9. Overpopulation and exploitation of natural resources is dramatically increasing the vulnerability of modern society to natural _____ such as earthquakes, floods and voicanic eruptions.

(A) disruptions

(B) tumults

(C) disasters

(D) catastrophes

(E) phenomena

(F) upheavals

A. A and F

B. E and F

C. B and C

D. C and D

E. D and B

Answer: Option D

Solution: ‘Upheavals’, ‘tumults’ do not collocate with the word natural. Disasters or catastrophes are apt.

10. A poem written on the death of someone loved and lost

A. Ode

B. Epic

C. Sonnet

D. Elegy

Answer: Option D

11. —– meat you cooked tasted good

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. no article

Answer: Option C

12. The petition must be signed by the concerned people. Only then an action can be taken in this regard.

(A) If the petition is not signed by the concerned people, no action …..

(B) Unless the petition is signed …..

(C) While the petition must be signed …..

A. A and B

B. Only A

C. B and C

D. Only B

E. All the three

Answer: Option A

Solution: A and B convey the correct meaning. i.e. condition. C is incorrect.

13. Choose the correct spelt word out of the given alternatives.

A. Overlapped

B. Overleped

C. Overelaped

D. Overlaped

Answer: Option A

14. It being rainy day (a) / we decided not to go out (b) / but to stay at home (c) / and watch a movie (d) / No error (e)

A. it being rainy day

B. we decided not to go out

C. but to stay at home

D. and watch a movie

E. no error

Answer: Option A

15. Children who spend more than two hours a day at a computer or watching television are more likelier than others to have psychological problems, according to scientists.

A. are likely than

B. are likelier than

C. are more likely than

D. are more likely from

E. No correction required

Answer: Option B

Solution: The adjective ‘likelier’ is itself in the comparative degree, hence ‘more likelier’ is incorrect. In this sentence a comparison is made between children who spend more time watching and those who do not. This contrast is best brought out using the expression ‘are likelier than’.

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