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26. Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer?

(a) super micro

(b) super conductor

(c) microcomputer

(d) super computer (Ans)

(e) megaframe

27. Which of the following people probably has the least amount of technical knowledge ?

(a) programmer

(b) user (Ans)

(c) system analyst

(d) computer operator

(e) computer professional

28. Which kind of storage device cab be carried around?

(a) floppy disk (Ans)

(b) hard disk

(c) system cabinet

(d) hard disk drive

(e) floppy disk drive

29. Which of the following terms applies to communication between separate computer systems?

(a) computer literacy

(b) power supply

(c) applications software

(d) connectivity (Ans)

(e) None of the above

30. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of:

(a) input, output and processing

(b) control unit, primary storage & secondary storage

(c) control unit, arithmetic-logic unit, primary storage (Ans)

(d) control unit, processing, primary storage

(e) None of the above

31. People typically interface with a computer based system when:

(a) information must be output

(b) data must be input

(c) information must be reviewed the computer needs a direction (or instruction) in order to process data

(d) All of the above

(Ans : e)

32. The principle advantage of the centralized approach to organizing a computer facility is :

(a) cost-effectiveness

(b) processing activities are easier to coordinate

(c) Processing activities are easier to control

(d) processing statements can be enforced

(e) All of the above (Ans)

33. The fifth generation digital computer will be

(a) extremely low cost

(b) very expensive

(c) versatility

(d) artificial intelligence (Ans)

(e) None of the above

34. To be information, data must be

(a) factual

(b) relevant

(c) news

(d) all of the above (Ans)

(e) None of the above

35. A data system for calculating measures used in statistical inference is an example of a

(a) teleprocessing system

(b) data management system

(c) computing system (Ans)

(d) All of the above

(e) None of the above

36. For the purposes of defining data needs, a responsibility area is

(a) marketing

(b) administration

(c) personal (Ans)

(d) all of the above

(e) None of the above

37. Which is widely used in academic testing?

(a) MICR

(b) POS

(c) OCR

(d) OMR (Ans)

(e) None of the above

38. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called:

(a) entry codes

(b) passwords (Ans)

(c) security commands

(d) code words

39. A factor which might cause an individual to consider using a computer in criminal activities is :

(a) the computer's access to large sums to money

(b) the speed with which the crime can be accomplished

(c) EFTS (Electronic Funds Transfer System)

(d) All of the above (Ans)

40. EBCDIC can code up to how may different characters ?

(a) 816

(b) 32

(c) 64

(d) 256

(Ans : e)

41. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) the installation of a computer is favorably received by all employees

(b) some form of training is necessary for employees who will work with computers (Ans)

(c) computers are portrayed solely as society's benefactor

(d) a business person is only interested in the computer's accuracy.

42. Which is considered a direct entry input device?

(a) optical scanner

(b) mouse

(c) light pen

(d) digitizer

(e) All of the above (Ans)

43. The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts best exemplifies the processing mode of :

(a) batch processing (Ans)

(b) real-time processing

(c) interactive processing

(d) All of the above

44. The data processing job expected to further decreases in the 1990s is that of :

(a) keypuncher (Ans)

(b) data entry clerk

(c) computer operator

(d) programmer

45. Which is a unit of measurement used with computer systems?

(a) byte

(b) kilobyte

(c) megabyte

(d) gigabyte

(e) All of the above (Ans)

46. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) analysts usually work alone and sometimes as part of a team

(b) most systems projects are completed in 6 12 weeks

(c) an analyst's primary concern is the development of software

(d) analysts evaluate data flow through an organization (Ans)

47. In computer terminology, information means

(a) raw data

(b) data in more useful or intelligible form (Ans)

(c) alphanumeric data

(d) program

48. A computer programmer

(a) does all the thinking for a computer (Ans)

(b) can enter input data quickly

(c) can operate all types of computer equipment

(d) can draw only flowchart

49. A character is represented in EBCDIC by:

(a) one bit

(b) four bits

(c) eight bits (Ans)

(d) sixteen bits

(e) None of the above

50. Most of the errors blamed on computers are actually due to

(a) programming errors

(b) hardware fatique

(c) defects in floppy disks

(d) data entry errors (Ans)

51. Which is a secondary memory device ?

(a) CPU

(b) ALU

(c) Floppy disk (Ans)

(d) Mouse

(e) None of the above

52. Which is the most significant difference between a simple desk calculator and computer? Choose from the following (note that some of the following may not even be true).

(a) the computer is an electronic machine while the desk calculator may or may not be electronic

(b) the computer is useful in business applications while the desk calculator is not

(c) the computer can print its results, while the desk calculator can only show it on a display

(d) the computer is controlled by a program stored in its memory while calculator require step-by-step manual control (Ans)

(e) One has to know the method of calculation while using a calculator but a computer user can depend upon the computer to choose the method automatically.

53. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer systems is :

(a) EFTS

(b) MPG

(c) MIPS (Ans) (d) CPS

54. RAM is used as a short memory beacuse it

(a) is volatile (Ans)

(b) is very expensive

(c) has small capacity

(d) is programmable

(e) None of the above

55. General purpose computes are those that can be adopted to countless uses simply by changing its.

(a) keyboard

(b) printer

(c) program (Ans)

(d) display screen

(e) None of the above

56. Which is the computer memory that does not forget?

(a) ROM (Ans)

(b) RAM

(c) PROM

(d) All of the above

(e) None of the above

57. The Senta Clara Valley near Palo Alto, California is popularly known as Silicon Valley of America because

(a) huge deposits of silicon are found there

(b) many silicon chip manufacturing firms are located there (Ans)

(c) Santa Claus visits it every Christmas

(d) it is full of large grain sand

58. Computers are incapable of emotional feelings. However, some people attribute humanlike emotions to imitate objects including computers. What is it called?

(a) anthropogenesis

(b) anthropomorphism (Ans)

(c) anthroolatory

(d) cybernetics

59. According to you, which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) generally, computers don't make mistakes

(b) computers eliminate jobs

(c) computers can think (Ans)

(d) maths is necessary to understand computers

60. The most common binary code in use today is the 8 bit ASCII code. What do the letters ASCII stand for?

(a) American Standard Code for International Interchange

(b) American Standard Code for Information Interchange (Ans)

(c) American Standard Code for Intelligence interchange

(d) American Scientific Code for Information Interchange

(e) None of the above

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