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21. The cathode ray oscilloscope can be used to measure

a. Frequency

b. Time interval

c. Voltage

d. All the above-Answer

22. A wein bridge is used for measurement of

a. Resistance

b. Capacitance

c. Inductance

d. Audio frequency--Answer

23. The frame rate per second used in India TV is

a. 60

b. 50

c. 25-Answer

d. 30

24. VHF signals are propagated

a. Via the ionosphere

b. Along the ground-Answer

c. Through the troposphere

d. By reflection in ionosphere

25. The impedance of a 3 element yagi antenna is around

a. 75W

b. 300W-Answer

c. 50W

d. 100W

26. A PIN diode is microwave

a. Oscillator

b. Mixer

c. Detector

d. Switch-Answer

27. A transmission line of VSWR 2 has a reflection coefficient

a. 0.25

b. 0.5

c. 75-Answer d. 0

28. Microwave repeaters are typically

a. 25

b. 50--Answer

c. 75

d. 100 Kms apart

29. To overcome fading in a ship-to-ship communication system we can efficiently use

a. Broadband Antenna

b. Directional Antenna

c. Space Diversity

d. Frequency Diversity-Answer

30. Frequency in the UHF range is propagate by waves of

a. Ground

b. sky

c. Space-Answer

d. Surface

31. A duplexer is used to

a. Receive two signals in one antenna

b. Prevent interference between two antenna

c. Mix two signals to the same antenna

d. Allow one antenna for both transmission and reception-Answer

32. Strapping is used in a magnetron to

a. Prevent mode jumping--Answer

b. Reduce frequency drift

c. Ensure proper bunching

d. Dissipate heat

33. A rectangular waveguide behaves like a filter of

a. Band pass

b. High pass-Answer

c. Low pass

d. Band stop

34. The signal propagation time in milliseconds for a geosynchronous satellite is

a. 540

b. 270

c. 135-Answer

d. 100

35. The silicon solar cell is a

a. Photo conductive

b. Photo emissive

c. Photo voltaic--Answer

d. Photo resistive

36. For the national TV and ratio network, INSAT-IB uses

a. 400MHz

b. 2.5GHz

c. 2.5 and 5GHz

d. 4 and 6 GHz-Answer

37. A typical fibre-optic detector is

a. Step recovery diode

b. Light emitting diode

c. Avalanche photo diode-Answer

d. Field effect transistor

38. A modem is a device used for

a. Digitizing voice data

b. Transmission of data on lines

c. Modulating and demodulating signals sent on a line-Answer

d. Suppressing noise interference

39. The most effective anti-jamming technique is

a. Frequency hopping--Answer

b. Spread Spectrum

c. Frequency synthesis

d. Burst transmission

40. Mono-mode is a term used in

a. Fibre-optics-Answer

b. Radar

c. Satellite communication

d. Magnetics

41. Monopulse technique is used in

a. Radar--Answer

b. Radio relay

c. Data communication

d. Fibre-optics

42. HDLC is a term for

a. Data communication protocol-Answer

b. Synchronizing pulses

c. Gain control in receivers

d. Error checking

43. A gateway

a. Is a place where radars are connected

b. Permits dissimilar networks to communicate-Answer

c. Bifurcates the RF path of a transmitter

d. Is a feeder cable

44. Ethernet is a name of

a. Medium of computer communication

b. Network for computer communication-Answer

c. Procedures for computer communication network

d. Software for computer communication

45. If several stations in a network want to use a single channel without interfering with one another, the technique used is called

a. Carrier sense

b. Phantom-freeze

c. Packet switching

d. Multiplexing--Answer

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