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1. The gray code equivalent of binary 1100 is

a. 1011

b. 1101

c. 1010-Answer

d. 1100

2. A Multiplexer has

a. Multiple inputs and single output--Answer

b. Single input and Multiple outputs

c. Multiple inputs and Multiple outputs

d. Multiple inputs for Storage of Data

3. A binary half adder

a. Adds two binary digits and produces their sum and carry-Answer

b. Adds half the sum to the carry

c. Adds two binary digits and carry from previous addition

d. Adds two binary digits at half the speed

4. An index register in a computer is for

a. Arithmetic and logic functions

b. Storage of results

c. Modifying the address-Answer

d. Counting the no of programmes

5. An example of volatile memory is

a. RAM-Answer

b. ROM


d. Magnetic tape

6. Barrier voltage in a P-N junction is caused by

a. Thermally generated electrons and holes

b. Diffusion of majority carriers across the junction-Answer

c. Migration of minority carriers across the junction

d. Flow of drift current

7. The temperature coefficient of an intrinsic semiconductor is

a. Positive

b. Negative-Answer

c. Zero

d. Like metals

8. A silicon transistor has a leakage current 1cbo = 1 ma. If the temp. rises by 50o C the leakage current will be

a. 30 ma

b. 32ma-Answer

c. 50ma

d. no change

9. The noise figure of an ideal amplifier in decibel is

a. 0.5

b. 0-Answer

c. 1

d. 10

10. The rise time of an amplifier is 200 nsec. Its bandwidth is

a. 70MHz

b. 140MHz

c. 100MHz

d. 1.75Mhz-Answer

11. MOSFET operates in

a. Depletion mode only

b. Enhancement mode only

c. Depletion and enhancement mode--Answer

d. None of these of the above

12. A device which behaves like SCRs is

a. UJT

b. Triac-Answer


d. SRD

13. A plate modulated class C RF amplifier produces 100 KW of radiated power at 100 % modulation. The modulating audio amplifier supplies approximately

a. 25KW

b. 33KW-Answer

c. 50KW

d. 66KW

14. A 100 MHz FM carrier, modulated by a 5 KHz sine wave deviates by 50 KHz If the frequency of the modulating sine wave is doubled, the deviation will

a. Double

b. Half

c. Quadruple

d. Have no change--Answer

15. Noise generated by a resistor is dependent on

a. Its Value

b. Its temperature

c. Both value and temp-Answer

d. None of these

16. A 32 channel 8 bit PCM system samples at 8 KHz rate. The overall bit rate in kilobits per second will be

a. 2048--Answer

b. 2000

c. 1920

d. 64

17. Stub matching eliminates standing wave on

a. Load side of the stub

b. Source side of the stub

c. Both sides-Answer

d. On the stub

18. A half wave folded dipole has a radiation resistance of

a. 72 W


c. 144W

d. 288W-Answer

19. Top loading is used in antennas for

a. Decrease in impedance

b. Increase in bandwidth

c. Increase in effective height-Answer

d. Decease the height

20. The term critical frequency in Ionospheric propagation is

a. Lowest frequency reflected by Ionosphere

b. Highest frequency reflected by the Ionosphere at vertical incidence--Answer

c. Lowest frequency reflected by the Ionosphere at vertical incidence

d. Lowest communication frequency possible

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