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When compiled from command line what are linking options?

2 You have written a code in C++, and u have to use a C library , what would u do? (Ans: write extern "c" in header files)

3 Fiber optic backbone is in which OSI layer?

4 void main()

; {;;;;;;;;

; int x=1;

; int y=1;

; int i;

; for(i=2;i<=100;i++)

; {

; x=x+i;y=y*(i+1)/(i-1);

; }

What are the values of x & y?

5 If we carry out operation (-3)+(-6),then which of the what will be the value of carry and sign flag?

6 void abc(int a[])


; int k=0;int j=50;

; while(k<j)



; k++;

; else

; j--;


How many times the loop will occur?

7 Integrate e^(x^-2)dx , with limits -infinity to +infinity?What is the final value?

8 Let p be a 16 bit number.The 2's complement of p will be represented by?

9 void main()

; {

; int a[]={5,4,3,2,1};

; int x,y;

; int *p=&a[2];

; *p++;

; x=++*p;

; y=*(p++);

; printf("%d %d",x,y)'

; }

;What will be the value of x and y?

10 Let there be a set of 3 numbers.Then number of groups possible?

11 A question on some technique used in DA-converter?

12 Which data structure to use for fastest search?

13 A binary tree contains 1024 elements.What is maximum number of comparisons needed to search an element?

14 s=1-1/4+1/16-1/32...... What is the value of S?(Ans = 0.8 Hint Its a GP)

15 A C++ class has multiple references to base class.Then some options were given?

16 for(i=0;i<20;i++)


; a[i]=i;


; for(i=0;i<20;i++)


; a[i]=a[19-i];;;;;;;;


What is final value of array a? Options were there.

17 In Java can a variable be initilised inside a loop?

18 Two dices are thrown.What is the probality that the the number on the first dice is greater or equal to number on the second dice?


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