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Directions for questions 11-20: Each problem contains a question and two statements giving certain data. You have to select the correct answer from (a) to (d) depending on the sufficiency of the data given in the statements to answer the question. Mark your answer as

(a) If statement (I) alone is sufficient.

(b) If statement (II) alone is sufficient.

(c) If both (I) and (II) together are sufficient but neither of statements alone is sufficient.

(d) Either of the statements (I) and (II) is sufficient.

(e) If statements (I) and (II) together are not sufficient.

11. What is the distance from City A to City C in kms?

(I) City A is 90 kms from City B.

(II) City B is 30 kms from City C.

12. Is z less than w? z and w are real numbers.

(I) z2 = 25

(II) w = 9

13. The value of an estate in January 1905 started gradually declining in such a way that at the end of each year it was worth only x times its value at the beginning of the year. What was its worth in end December 1910 ?

(I) It was worth Rs.10,109 in the end of December 1906.

(II)It was worth Rs.12,345 in the beginning of January 1905.

14. In an election, 3 candidates A,B and C were representing for a membership of parliament. How many votes did each receive?

(I) A received 1006 votes more than B and 1213 more votes than C.

(II) Total votes cast were 15,414.

15. John studies Chinese in a school. Which school does he attend?

(I) All students in Jefferson High school take French.

(II) Maysville High School offers only Chinese.

16. How many girls passed the entrance exam this year?

(I) Last year 560 girls passed

(II) This year there was a 10% decrease over last year in the number of failures.

17. What is Raju's age?

(I) Raju, Vimala and Kishore are all of the same age.

(II) Total age of Vimala, Kishore and Abishek is 32 and Abishek is as old as Vimala and Kishore together.

18. Is Sridhar eligible for an entry pass to the company premisers?

(I) The company does not allow strangers to enter the company.

(II)All employees are eligible to get a pass.

19. Among five friends who is the tallest?

(I) D is taller than A and C.

(II)B is shorter than E but taller than D.

20. Can a democratic system operate without effective opposition?

(I) The opposition is indispensable.

(II) A good statesman always learns more from his opponents than from

his fervent supporters. Directions for question 1-2 : Answer the questions based on the passage above them

A temple has 3 gateways, each of them is leading you into the temple, and at the end of each gateway there is an idol and as a devotee passes through the gateway with some flowers the number of flowers double. Ram enters the 1st gateway with some flowers and he puts same number of flowers at each idol and the end he is left with none.

21. How many flowers did Ram start with?

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 3

(d) 7

22. How many flowers does he put at each idol?

(a) 10

(b) 8

(c) 6

(d) 5

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