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1 To find Depth of tree program. We were given the structure of the node using that we need to write the code.

2 In binary search we have two comparisons one for greater than and other for less than the mid value.

3 Optimize so that we need to check only once

4 Question was somewhat like we need to write the function so that we get the two dimensional array and memory is assigned to it using malloc function. Don?t remember the question exactly. But this was the only question in proper language

Engineering Paper:

1. Binary search Tree was given. Find 4ths smallest element.

2. Some code in assembly was given and given five options. What is being calculated?

3. Represent (-5)10 in 2?s complement representation in 8 bits

4. Expression was given. Draw tree and then find the postfix

5 Some commands in the assembly language were given. Then need to convert this code in assembly


For (i=0 ; i<=10 ; i++)

A=A+200;NOTE: NO Automata questions were asked. Good News!!!!

The engineering paper was totally based on the Data Structure, simple assembly programs

implementation and some simple algorithms related to data structures.

So read Arrays, Linked list, postfix prefixes in order post order etc.

1) Wap to reverse a linked list and sort the same.

2) Given two integers A & B. Determine how many bits required to convert A to B. Write a function int BitSwapReqd(int A, int B);

3) Write an algorithm to insert a node into sorted linked list. After inserting, the list must be sorted.

4) Without using /,% and * operators. write a function to divide a number by 3.itoa() function is available.

5) Wap to swap two integer pointers.

6) Write a funcn int round (float x) to round off a floating point num to int.

7) write an ALP to find sum of First n natural numbers using the following Instructions

LDA num ; load Accumulator with num

DCR R ; decrement Register R

INR R ; increment Register R

MOV x,y ; move the contents of register y into register x

JZ label ; jump to label if A=0

DJNZ label; Decrement & Jump if A <> 0

you can use B & C registers in addition to A register

8) Prove that a tree is BST. What is height of a tree?

9) Given A, B & C Boolean polynomials. Prove That (A+BC) = (A+B) (A+C)

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