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1. A monkey starts climbing up a rode 20ft. tall. Each hour, it hops 3ft. and slips back 2ft. How much time would it take the monkey to reach the top?





Answer: C

Solution: Till 17th feet monkey can climb only 1 feet/hour. Next hour it climb 3 feat. Then it reach on top. After reaching there it won’t slip. So total 18 minutes taken.

2. What is the missing number in this series? 8 2 14 6 11 ? 14 6 18 12





Answer: A


Add first number & last number. The second and second from last….. So 11+ 9 = 20

3. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 4?





Answer: D

4. At 15:15 railway time, what will be the angle between minute and hour hand?

A.0 degree

B.180 degrees

C.360 degrees

D.7.5 Degree

Answer: D


15.15 = 3.15 p.m. Angle = 11/2 * 15 – 30*3 = 7.5 Degree

5. Which of the following is not true about C Programming?

A.C provides function oriented programming

B.C program can be compiled on a C++ compiler

C.C supports encapsulation

D.none of these

Answer: D

6. What will be effect of size of operator on Unions? the size of the biggest member the size of sum of all members the size of the smallest of the members

D.none of these

Answer: B

7. Divide by Zero is a common exception of type


B.Compile Time

C.can be either Run time or Compile time

D.none of this

Answer: A

8. Find the output of the code snippet char *S1 = “ABCD”; char S2[ ] = “ABC”; printf(“%d,%d”,sizeof(S1), sizeof(S2));





Answer: B

9. Which of the following statements is false?

A.Pointers are designed for storing memory addresses

B.Arrays are passed by value to functions

C.Both of the above are false

D.none of these

Answer: C

10. Which of the following statements is true regarding static variables?

A.Both local and global variables can be defined as static variables

B.Only local variables can be defined as static variables

C.Scope and life of global variables is limited to the function to which they are declared

D.none of these

Answer: A

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