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ABB Reasoning Test Sample Papers

1. If * means /, – means *, / means + and + means -, then (3 – 15 / 19) * 8 + 6 = ?

A. 8

B. 4

C. 2

D. -1

Answer: Option C


Using the correct symbols, we have: Given expression = (3 * 15 + 19) / 8 – 6 = (45 + 19) / 8 – 6 = 64 / 8 – 6 = 8 – 6 = 2

2. 225 : 400 :: 625 : __

A. 767

B. 729

C. 961

D. 900

E. 1024

Answer: Option D

3. Effect: The government has decided to take up the irrigation projects on war footing and complete all of them in the next two years.

Which of the following can be possible cause for the above effect?

A. The farmers in drought prone areas can look forward to brighter days.

B. Scientists predicted very low rainfall for the next seven years.

C. The ruling party may get good support from the agriculturists.

D. Frequent floods are causing havoc in the life of those living in low lying areas.

E. Tidal energy forms only 8% of the total energy generation in India while it is more than 25% in most of the developing countries.

Answer: Option B


Choice (a) indicates what happens on completion of projects. It is not a cause.

According to (b) there is apprehension that rainfall may be very less in near future. This may prompt the government to complete the irrigation projects at the earliest. Hence, (b) is a possible cause.

Choice (c) talks about the political gain that the government may get by completing the projects. It is an after effect but not a cause.

Floods do not have any relation to project works. Hence, (d) is not a possible cause.

Choice (e) provides comparison between various countries in terms of percentages. It does not provide any absolute value; neither does it give any indication of necessity for increasing the production of tidal energy. Hence, (e) is not a possible cause.

4. Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement:

Input: 25 280 345 36 93 147 550

Step I: 550 280 345 36 93 147 25

Step II: 550 345 280 36 93 147 25

Step III: 550 345 280 147 93 36 25

This is the final arrangement and step III is the last step for this input.

If following is the first step for an input, what will be the fourth step?

Step I: 498 175 292 96 79 387 158

A. 498 387 292 175 158 79 96

B. 498 387 292 175 96 158 79

C. 498 387 292 175 158 96 79

D. 498 387 292 175 79 158 96

E. None of these

Answer: Option C


Numbers are getting arranged in descending order.

The largest of the given number interchanges its place with the first number. IN case the largest number is already arranged, the second largest is interchanged with the number next to the largest number, and so on until the numbers are arranged in descending order.

Step I: 498 175 292 96 79 387 158

Step II: 498 387 292 96 79 175 158

Step III: 498 387 292 175 79 96 158

Step IV: 498 387 292 175 158 96 79

5. Are these sanctuaries, which are meant to protect the endangered animals, necessary?


I. Yes, these are necessary as it is our responsibility to conserve environment and to provide posterity with a better world to live in.

II. No, these are a huge burden on our receding economy.

A. if only argument I is strong.

B. if only argument II is strong.

C. if either I or II is strong.

D. if neither I nor II is strong.

E. if both I and II are strong.

Answer: Option E


Sanctuary for endangered animals becomes necessary when it improves and betters the living conditions of the world. But at the same time, if an economy is not able to provide basic necessities to its people, then it cannot think of constructing sanctuaries. Therefore, the decision is based on both the factors viz. requirement and funds supply. Hence, both I and II are strong arguments.

6. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and tick the one that comes in the middle ?

A. Parasite

B. Party

C. Petal

D. Paste

E. Prick

Answer: Option D

Solution: Parasite, Party, Paste, Petal, Prick

7. We, at Comfort Stationers, have always been striving to provide stationery items that would make your work more enjoyable and less strenuous. Our latest innovations are a smooth-flow pen and gradual-friction paper. A combination of these two reduces strain on your fingers and allows faster writing the causes lesser fatigue. Therefore, replacement of your pen and paper with our innovative products reduces cost of clerical jobs.

Which of the following, if true, would weaken the conclusion drawn in the above argument?

A. Those who are already using the above new products report greater difficulty in transition from new products to regular ones than from the regular ones to the new ones.

B. The cost of manufacturing these new products is not more than the cost of manufacturing the regular ones and the new products last longer than the regular ones.

C. The number of offices using the new products is increasing month by month.

D. These products need to be purchased in huge lots and need to be stored in special conditions. The cost of procurement and strong is quite high.

E. It is found that children get adapted to the new products faster than grown ups.

Answer: Option D


The passage talks about the advantages in writing by using the new kind of pen and paper and arrives at a conclusion about the cost of clerical job. We have to show that the new products do not lead to decrease in cost of clerical job.

None of the choice (a), (c) and (e) has anything about the cost. Hence, none of them weakens the conclusion.

Choice (b) states that the new products can be manufactured and they also last longer. This information strengthens the conclusion.

According to choice (d) the procurement and storage costs are very high. This casts a doubt on the conclusion that the cost of clerical job can be decreased by using these new products. Hence, (d) weakens the conclusion.

8. If the letters in the word “EQITY” are arranged in reverse alphabetical order, then how many letters remain in same place?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 3

E. 4

Answer: Option A


The given word is:


The letters of the word in reverse alphabetical order:


NO letter remains in the same position

9. If the letters of the word PRODUCTIVE which are at the odd-numbered position in the English alphabet are picked up and arranged in alphabetical order from left and if they are now substituted by Z, Y, X and so on, beginning from left, which letter will get substituted by W?


A. No letter will get substituted by W

B. O

C. E

D. C

E. None of these

Answer: Option B

10. ? : ALKO : : WOULD : :OPEN : ?





Answer: Option D


Each letter of the first group moved three steps backward to obtain the corresponding letters of the second group.

11. What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series?

A3E, D6H, ? J12N,

A. F9J

B. G9L

C. F9K

D. G9M

E. None of these

Answer: Option E

12. Forest fires feed on decades-long accumulations of debris and leap from the tops of young trees into the branches of mature trees. Fires that jump from treetop to treetop can be devastating. In old-growth forests, however, the shade of mature trees keeps thickets of small trees from sprouting, and the lower branches of mature trees are too high to catch the flames. This paragraph best supports the statement that

A. forest fire damage is reduced in old-growth forests.

B. small trees should be cut down to prevent forest fires.

C. mature trees should be thinned out to prevent forest fires.

D. forest fires do the most damage in old growth forests.

E. old-growth forests have a larger accumulation of forest debris.

Answer: Option A


The last sentence provides direct support for choice a. The author never suggests that any trees should be cut down or thinned out, which eliminates choices b and c. Choice d contradicts the author’s opinion. The author suggests that old growth forests have less debris, which rules out choice e.

13. Statement:

Should trade unions be banned completely?


I. No. This is the only way through which employees can put their demands before management.

II. Yes. Employees get their illegal demands fulfilled through these unions.

A. If only argument I is strong

B. If only argument II is strong

C. If either I or II is strong

D. If neither I nor II is strong

E. If both I and II are strong

Answer: Option A


I is the very rationale behind the establishment of trade unions. Hence I is strong. Illegal demand cannot be fulfilled unless the management is fully convinced of the reasonability of their demands. Hence II is weak.

14. Mrs. Carson took a taxi to meet her three friends for lunch. They were waiting for her outside the restaurant when she pulled up in the car. She was so excited to see her friends that she left her tote bag in the taxi. As the taxi pulled away, she and her friends took notice of the license plate number so they would be able to identify the car when they called the taxi company. The four license plate numbers below represent what each of the four women thinks she saw.Which one is most likely the license plate number of the taxi?

A. JXK 12L

B. JYK 12L

C. JXK 12I

D. JXX 12L

Answer: Option A


The four women seem to agree that the plate starts out with the letter J. Three of them agree that the plate ends with 12L. Three of them think that the second letter is X, and a different three think that the third letter is K. The plate description that has all of these common elements is a.

15. Choose out the odd one.

A. Zail Singh

B. V.V Giri

C. Zakir Hussain

D. Rajiv Gandhi

Answer: Option D


All except Rajiv Gandhi are the Ex- President of India.

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