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The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of cancer. The latest technology for the treatment of cancer is the chemotherapic treatment in which drugs of specific composition is given to the patients depending on the biopsy of the tumor from the patient.

The main disadvantage of using chemotherapy is that the drug used is not so specific and hence it causes damage to the surrounding healthy cells. To make the treatment more specific, we use the nanodevices that use nanosensors to sense the cancer cells with biomotors to decrease hypoxia enviroinment and some specific compounds that control the telomerase production, which could serve as a means of controlling cell division.

Nano is one billionth of one. Now we have the so-called microprocessors and microarray technology that would reach the nano level within a few decades, we suppose. Some call this technology to be nanotechnology and some others name it the molecular nanotechnology, to be specific.


MAbs can also be used to identify malignant cells (cells with abnormal growth) in tissues. This paper is only a theoretical analysis given and all the information provided are specifically organized by us with help from a cancer patient, her doctor and a microbiology student. We sincerely thank them for their cooperation with us for our paper

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