IBM Freshers Recruitment 2018 | Project Trainee-MBA

IBM Freshers Recruitment 2018 | Project Trainee-MBA

Project Trainee 127387BR

Job Description

What you’ll do:-

Your responsibilities will include:

• Maintain a tracker of all referrals

• Call and conduct HR Screening

• Send out interview invites to Candidates

• Co-ordinate for Interviews

• Counsel Candidates who are rejects

• Provide feedback when requested

• To ensure that Candidates are not waiting for a long time

• To ensure the Interviews pending are closed

• To maintain up-to-date tracker

• Ready to work on Weekends

How we will help you grow:-

You’ll have access to all the technical and management training courses you need to become the expert you want to be.

You’ll learn directly from expert developers in the field; our team leads love to mentor

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