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QUALCOMM,Bangalore Hiring Freshers-Systems Engineer-Wireless Modem Technologies-All levels

QUALCOMM,Bangalore Hiring Freshers-Systems Engineer-Wireless Modem Technologies-All levels

Job Id T1957145

Job Title Systems Engineer-Wireless Modem Technologies-All levels

Company - Division Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. - CDMA Technology

Corporate Research & Development

Job Area Engineering - Systems

Location India - Bangalore

As a member of Qualcomm Modem Systems group, the candidate will be responsible for designing WWAN modem algorithms and subsequent performance characterization and validation of their finite precision implementation using C++/matlab based simulation platform.

Candidate will actively participate and contribute to QCT's systems engineering activities related to the development and commercialization of chipsets based on various cellular modem technologies for ever improved efficiency and capability. This includes theoretical and computer aided analysis, regular active participation in design and review sessions spanning cross-disciplinary product teams contribution to QUALCOMM's IP portfolio, systems support for implementation and chip-commercialization related activities and submission of technical papers to relevant conferences

Minimum Qualifications

Strong academic background with emphasis on wireless communication theory, digital signal processing, and Information Theory is required.

Additionally receiver design experience for CDMA/OFDMA based systems is also required.

Familiarity with 3GPP/3GPP2 wireless standards as well as a good understanding of the product development aspects associated with the wireless industry will be a considered a plus.;

implementation experience on DSP platforms is a major plus; experience with LTE / UMTS /TDMA based systems is a plus; knowledge of the 3GPP/3GPP2 radio access network design is a plus.

Prior experience of working with multi-sited teams in multiple disciplines is a plus.

Matlab and C++ programming knowledge is required.

Excellent written and verbal communications skills are essential.

0-12 yrs of industry experience. Strong academic background

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