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The traffic problems such as congestion and accidents are solvable if we are willing to make tougher decisions than we've made so far. Our mission in this paper is to find some solutions to eradicate the traffic problems using some modern tools which we come across in our day today life.Safe drive problem - It’s very difficult todrive a car in the Indian traffic especially it’shard to judge the space the car has in front, the gap between the vehicles in front of it and the gap the car has on its sides and the back.

To vercome these difficulty sensors which is used o measure range is placed at various points in the vehicle and with the help of the algorithms as told in this paper we can judge the proper space and hence have a safe driving. Signal and Time problem-Due to heavy traffic it is not easy for the driver to see the signal and the wait/go time for the signal. So if directional transmitters are used, it can transmit 3 signals (left, right and straight) at the same time using three different frequencies.

The vehicle has a receiver attached to it which is tuned in accordance with the position of the indicator. The position of the indicator ensures what frequencies are to be received. Hence the particular signal along with the time is shown on the display on the vehicle.

Handling traffic signals -even though time is set for the signal to transfer automatically there exist a situation where more vehicles wait for a longer time at one side and very less vehicle on the other side so the wait time for some vehicle is more. To solve this problem video sensors are used in each direction which helps to count the number of vehicles on each side. After counting them, using the algorithm given in the paper we can set a variable time for each signal based on the number of vehicles and the algorithm used in this paper. Sleepy alarm system- This invention provides a sleepy alarm apparatus for a vehicle driver, which is activated by a heart pulse meter, of which the measured heart pulse rate is lower than the preset threshold sleepy pulse rate. When a driver is sleepy while driving, the pulse rate is gradually decreasing. Hence a warning alarm signal is set on making the driver to wake up .Thus protecting the life. Thus we try to eradicate some of the traffic problem and protect life through this paper.

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