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Futuristic Internet connected glasses - A technology overdose?.


- This internet glasses by Google is a pointless gizmo which is yet another example of people fetishising tech gizmos for better life.

- Today the world is filled with new high tech gizmos like iPods, iPhones etc.

- This has increased the dependency of the people on such software’s and tools to make their life simpler, which in turn has increased its demand and in turn production.

- People have become obsessive towards this high pace technology and they want to have every new technology available to them creating a mad rush of it.

- These glasses could provide loads of insufficient information which could snap our communication with the real world.

- We are functioning more like zombies which show that we surely have an addiction to the technology and such technology is of no significance.


- These new glasses could a revelation in terms of high tech gizmos as it makes a person’s life a lot easier.

- It works on making the reality more interesting and intriguing by giving a new edge to the technology.

- The uses of such devices are up to the user’s discretion as these glasses can certainly be switched off if found cumbersome.

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