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Indian culture doesn't breed leaders


- From a very small age we are never given the rights to make our own decision. It has always been our parents or our teachers who get a say in all our matters.

- We Indian’s have always backed away from taking responsibilities for ourselves and for others.

- We are always taught to let the superior person make decisions for us and never to question their ability and judgment.

- We lack confidence in our ability of achieving anything and everything, which is a very important quality in shaping a leader.

- We lack the desire and the drive to lead which are very essential factors that define a leader.


- It is a very wrong conception induced by people that leaders are born but the correct notion is that they are made not born. Thus, we can say that India doesn’t breed leaders they help them to become one.

- Indian culture is a very rich culture it is because of our culture that we are called the “Incredible India”. So, if we can’t breed leaders than no other nation can.

- We are well renowned for our intelligence and our influential nature which are both a trademark of a potent leader.

- Not every individual born can lead. But everyone can be effective. Thus, it is right to say that in India everyone is not a born leader but everyone is effective enough to become one.

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