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Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?


- Agricultural subsidies should be stopped as they are not reaching to the poor farmers.

- There is no use of these subsidies as they make rich farmers more rich and the poor ones poorer.

- There should be other substitutes for subsidies.

- Even after providing the subsidies the farmers are abondoning their land and moving to cities. The government should make agriculture an attractive profession.

- Rather than giving subsidies, the government should help the farmers with a better infrastructure like means of irrigation and getting their produce to the market.

- One of the reasons for farmers to abandon their lands is that they do not get good cost for their produce. The government should help in better organization of the market so that it becomes accessible to the farmers.


- Government should provide farmers with more subsidies in order to improve their living conditions.

- Agriculture is a seasonal occupation i.e. farmers work only during the non rainy season. Thus it does not provide enough income to the farmers to sustain for the whole year.

- New policies related to subsidies should be made and applied in an efficient manner in order to help the farmers to earn a good income to elevate their standard.

- The condition of farmers in our country is deteriorating day by day. To stabilize the state of farmersí government need to take some important steps by providing them with enough subsidies.

- Subsidies help in strengthening the agricultural sector.

- Subsidizing helps in tackling food prices and reducing trade deficit as it improves food supply

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