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Technology Creates Income Disparities


- Technology is uniformly distributed throughout the country, but urban areas are far ahead in technology. Thus more technology results in more employment and more income, thus the difference between the urban areas and the rural areas.

- There is a major cut down in the employment charts as technology reduces the dependency on manpower which is favorable to an organization(as it leads to more profit) but it makes lot of people lose their jobs.

- This brings in light the difference between the rural and urban people as the urban people have the knowledge about technology, making them the obvious choice of selection by organizations.

- Not only does it results in economic inequalities but also social ones. Individuals with high income are given more respect and are looked upon with high esteem in our society.

- Companies opt only for those who are technically sound, further demoralizing other individuals and pointing to some gaping holes in the Indian education system.


- Technology can be used to provide better education and understanding of its applications, making it an effective tool for every individual.

- Technology teaches an easier way of doing things effectively and efficiently.

- More sources are utilized thus creating more employment. Technology also gives rise to new innovations and it helps in various discoveries.

- It plays a pivotal role in developing a country’s economy and also their mind-sets.

- Technology gives a man power to be equivalent to a machine.

- Inhouse technology helps in getting the country name and fame on international platform.

- Improvement in technology today means less dependence on other countries in future

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