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Impact of Globalization

Positive Impact

A better economy it introduces rapid development of the capital market

Introducing new technologies- the new technologies and progress in telecommunication, introduction of satellites, mobiles etc are all results of globalization.

The new scientific research patterns are all results of globalization.

Living standards are risen.

Globalization introduces better trade. This is because more people are employed. This increases productivity.

Apart from economical aspect, globalization has also brought an impact on political and cultural domain.

Culturally speaking, globalization has brought in different ideologies, and thought process amongst people.

Politically speaking, onset of western democratic system has an impact on politics.

Negative Impact

Along with positive impact, there is negative too. Globalization brings fear as well. Because of too much flow of capital amongst countries, it introduces unfair and immoral distribution of income.

Another fear is loosing national integrity. Because of too much exchange of trade, money etc independent domestic policies are lost.

Mental pressure on companies that causes many people to loose their jobs.

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