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Women can demand divorce more easily now - a step towards women empowerment?


- Women are perceived as a weaker gender. Such laws and/or rules give them a sense of satisfaction.

- Because a divorce was so difficult in the past, women had to be for no reason sacrifice against their will.

- Because the government had realized the torture women had gone through of a failed marriage, have they introduced easy norms.

- Statistically speaking, most divorce cases are filed by a woman. Certainly, there could be justifiable reasons behind the same.


- Some women can take advantage of such laws and even if they are at fault, they could be given the benefit of doubt.

- Women empowerment can be achieved by introducing even stringent laws for the other awful crimes like dowry, rape etc.

- There have been situations when women want a divorce to get a lawful share of the husbandís property.

- Even though women may get a divorce easily, the social stigma stays as it is. Women today are still perceived to be weaker after a divorce.

- It could be an empowerment for women of a certain community. Some communities and religion are still against a divorce.

- So many women today are still suffering from child marriage and /or female feticide. Whens such issues are eradicated; it would be a step towards women empowerment

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