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A man with words and no deeds is like a garden full of weeds


- Some people only talk good things or makes promises. However, these people do nothing to keep their goals.

- After a point of time, people realize your true color and stat to distrust you.

- If you keep talking with no actions, positive energy is taken over by negative.

- Here, weeds are being referred to some negative people in our life. So, when we only have words and no actions, negativity is what lies within us.

- Letís take an example of Parents. So, if parents keep saying that they need to take care of their children (words) but donít take care of them, certainly, the kids may follow the wrong path.

- If we keep talking and not take any actions, it makes us lethargic.


- Only if you talk can you achieve something.

- At times, even if we take some actions and donít succeed, it doesnít mean that we can never do it again. For instance, we may talk of scoring well in exams. We even try and work towards it (deed). But, there may be a case wherein we still donít exceed.

- At times, situations are beyond our control. So, we talk with the hopes of a possible solution.

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