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Education is what remains after one forgets what one has learnt in school


- The education system concentrates on everything rather than concentrating on our specific interest. We canít possibly remember all of that.

- Education is all about what we learn. In school, even though we learn a lot, we start to mature only much later.

- We forget things when we donít experience them. Schools, usually give more of a theoretical knowledge.

- Real exposure comes much later. Hence, what we learn is forgotten.


- We cannot separate school and education. What we learn in school is what makes us educated.

- It is not just education that remains or helps us. It is our experience that counts.

- This may not hold true for all schools. If the schools are good and the teachers are well trained, what you learn stays with you forever.

- Education is not just about the subjects we are taught. It also about the morals, discipline etc. that we gain only through school.

- What makes a school good or bad is the teacher. If the teachers are good and understand the student, we can consider ourselves educated.

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