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Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgment


- You learn from your mistakes. If every decision you take is in your favor, you may not learn as much.

- You acquire a good judgment with a poor judgment. This is a typical situation for people in research field.

- An experience is a mixture of good and bad. Only if you encounter bad can you sense and value good.

- No one is born with experiences. And no one is born perfect. Unless you donít encounter a poor judgment, in essence you havenít really experienced anything.

- You canít succeed, if you canít try. If you donít try, you encircle yourself with a fear of taking incorrect decisions.


- Consider a doctors profession. He cannot afford to make a poor judgment.

- At times taking too many poor judgments can cost you a lot. That doesnít leave you with a choice to experience anything.

- Good judgment comes from logic for most people. If you can carefully assess a situation, you can judge properly.

- Good judgment can also come from knowledge. You donít have to experience poor judgments to take good judgments.

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