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India's growth rate is bridging gap between rich and poor.


- There is a substantial increase in the GDP and per capita income.

- The rapid growth in the economy has ultimately led to the increase in job opportunities as a result people from every section are being employed.

- This fast economic growth has resulted in an increase in the education awareness among the common people and this in return has let to improved literacy rate of India.

- The funds coming from the rich section is being utilized for the development of economic status of the poor section.

- Everyone in India is getting a fair and equal shot at every job opportunity that rises, thus making poor equivalent to rich.


- Farmer suicides continue, 90% people still live in strife and penury in rural area.

- The rise in GDP is because of the increase in expenses on medicines, drugs, liquor etc. This is a negative GDP

- The statistics suggest that the differnce between the earnings of top 10% and bottom 10% has increased hugely in last 20 years.

- 70% of the population in India still can't spend more than 40 Rs/- per day.

- Still there is an unequal distribution of income in Indian Economy, the rich keep on getting richer and there is no such improvement in the condition of the poor.

- Employment opportunities have increased but are limited to some sections. As a result a large section of poor people are unemployed.

- There is very scarce means for connectivity of the rural area form the urban area.

- The rate of decline in poverty is not in synchronization with that of the economic growth.

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