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That so few people now dare to be eccentric, is the chief danger of our times


- It is good to be different. Being conservative doesnít mean you are stupid.

- Being weird and peculiar at times help us being imperative and be aware of surroundings.

- Each one of us should be allowed to express our mind freely without any burdens. When we do so, people take us seriously.

- If we are not eccentric, we are not unique. We land up copying others and often get influenced.

- Humans get anxious if there is something in excess or something that lacks. If we eccentric, we are unique.

- We are so cramped with our life that we have no time for anybody. Because of this we lose our ability to think and this causes a chief danger.


- Being eccentric is to do some acts that are unjustifiable. Such acts can cause harm to others.

- Such acts can make you lose your morality.

- If you dare to be eccentric, people start to misunderstand you and you gradually are not taken too seriously.

- Being eccentric can be risky at times. This is because we are used to seeing people work in a certain way and hence know whatís good or bad for us.

It doesnít mean that people who chose to do what they want are not eccentric are wrong. Itís just that because some of us are so used to doing things in a customary way, we fear to be weird or different. Only if we are ready to be weird and different, can we take challenges and that could pose less danger.

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