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Women shouldn't be offended if called "sexy".


- It is very important to see the manner in which the word “sexy” is being used, i.e. to what context.

- It is just another word which is used by men to give compliment to women and there is nothing wrong in that.

- Women should take it positively and not be provoked by the word “sexy”.

- It is just an adjective which defines a women’s physical beauty.

- When women, especially the modern ones work really hard on their bodies, the word “sexy” should act as a confidence booster as this term tells them that their efforts are being paid off.


- “Sexy” is a sexist comment as it is extremely lascivious when used for a women.

- Constitution is based on egalitarian ideas and certain tags like “sexy” shouldn’t be reserved for a certain gender, in this case women.

- It is a very derogatory remark to the entire women community as it is very disrespectful and offensive coming from a man.

- It will result in increase in crime rates and the statistics show that there is a constant raise in rape and molestation cases.

- “Sexy” coming from men sounds more sleazy and tacky rather than genuine and nice.

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