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Parents don’t understand children


Most of the times, children complain that their parents fail to understand them. The root cause behind this is “generation gap”.

• This was not so common in olden days. This was because women used to get married at an early age. Hence, the generation gap was as much as it is today.

• Today, most of the parents (both) are working. Hence, they cannot always fulfill emotional needs of the child.

• Parents should to understand that times have changed. Children today are quite open about everything.

• Thanks to internet, children are obviously more advanced. Parents need to understand that in order to survive competition children need to be aware of all advancements.


Blaming the parents always is also not justified.

• With the advancement of technology and liberal ideas, children today tend to expect a lot.

• When a child is small, he expects to have the latest games. As he grows, he expects to have the latest bikes and so on. It is not always possible for parents to understand each need of their child.

• Thanks to media and television, Children today are more liberal. Awareness of almost all social issues is quite high.

• Children should at times understand that it’s unfair to expect parents to understand them always knowing that they belong to different generation.

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