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Social networking on Internet is a boon.


- Social Networking is an easier way of getting in touch with your relatives, friends, and the rest of world through internet.

- Humans are social animal and the social networking on internet has given them a new way to remain connected with everyone irrespective of the time and distance.

- It saves the time as people can easily interact with people any where around the world without visiting them personally.

- If any body wants to see anybody’s details they can directly take it from social networking sites.

- These networking systems are also helpful from business point of view. As you can make new contacts on these sites.

- In recent times this means has become popular to advertise your work, product etc. as it gets circulated very fast on these sites.


- Personal lives are getting affected as they have started sharing their personal things on these sites.

- On these sites people make friends and spend long hours chatting with them whom they have never seen or met.

- Young generations are becoming more and more addicted to these sites.

- Somewhere the real social life of people is getting affected very badly as find it more comfortable and find time to chat with a stranger than finding time to meet friends or relatives.

- Recently there was a case of a social networking site where a girl attempted suicide after reading a message of her boyfriend. These types are increasing day by day.

- The security issues – physical as well as those related to computers are increasing as the teenagers do not understand the effective usage of social networking.

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