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B-Schools should aim at creating entrepreneurs rather than managers


- Entrepreneurs are the basic necessity of a country like India because they are the ones who generate employment.

- Entrepreneurs can be a good manager but a manager can or cannot be an entrepreneur.

- Entrepreneurship is the key to reviving the economy of India. It also contributes to the revival of the social environment.

- Poverty and unemployment can only be alleviated by creating opportunities and it is entrepreneurs work to do.

- For proper functioning and maintaining the balance in the society, social innovators and entrepreneurs are the need of the hour.

- Managers are the job seekers, they donít create opportunities rather they grab them.

- India hardly has any established products in the international market, it is the entrepreneurs who can have a vision to produce them.


- Managers work towards the maintenance of the organization and that is why they form a vital part of the society.

- Managers secure the future by managing and controlling the infrastructure and systems needed for the countryís proper functioning.

- Entrepreneur needs startup money i.e. they require more money to establish.

- Managers are well educated and they work for the welfare of the organization.

- To lure more and more foreign companies to set up their offices in India, we need trained managers to manage their work.

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