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True happiness can be got only when you make the others feel that they are responsible for it


- If others make us happy and we donít make them feel responsible for it, shows how selfish we are.

- The feeling of contentment comes when others realize that we are happy because of them.

- By doing so, they are encouraged even more to make you feel even happier.

- Usually people make us happy by giving us a moral support or standing by us in our hard times. When we think that what if they didnít stand by us we realize, how important was it for us.

- We usually donít appreciate and let people know that they are responsible for our happiness because of our ego. If let go of our ego and appreciate this fact, we can certainly be truly happy.


- We are the architecture of our happiness. Rarely, can anyone make us happy.

- You can feel happy when you start to understand yourself. No one can help you achieve this.

- When we start to accept things the way they are, we automatically start to seek happiness in everything we experience.

- We all have our definitions of true happiness. It is not necessary that unless we donít make others realize that they are responsible for it, we canít be truly happy.

- Happiness is a state of mind. It doesnít last for long. No one can make us happy forever.

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