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Need of censorship on social media


- Certain pages can be seditious, defamatory to the institution of religion which is not accepted in the plural society. - It won’t be good for the harmony of the country.

- Some of the social media which is put up on the internet is offensive either to people or to a nation, and thus, requires censoring.

- Various sites play host to materials which could bring about a rift in the society.

- It can be used for mass effects like, mass violence or creating mass chaos.


- There is a very thin line between censorship and obstruction of freedom of speech and expression.

- Laws and rules which are brought in the system should be followed which would not require the need for censorship.

- India is a democratic country and if they censor these social networks then they can hardly preach to dictators.

- There are many important services like rescue service, which rely on the social sites for real time information, not providing it may cost many lives.

- Social media should not be treated differently from the other forms of media like book or press. If they are not being censored then there is no need for censorship on social media.

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