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If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem


- Letís consider a daily life example- Pollution. We rarely do anything to eradicate pollution of any form.

- Another example can be poverty. How many times do we entertain a beggar on the street? We are not doing anything to eradicate poverty and that makes us a part of this problem.

- If we get influenced with a problem, that certainly doesnít make us a part of the solution.

- By getting influenced, our confidence hinders and we lose our ability to think rationally. That makes us a part of the problem although, indirectly.


- There are some problems that are beyond our control. We canít do anything to solve them. E.g. recession.

- Because of recession, there are more problems. Hike in fuel prices, inflation etc. Again, we canít sit at home to avoid these problems.

- Mostly, we see something as a problem because of our perspective. Something which may seem wrong to somebody which becomes a problem may seem right to someone else.

- Most of us have an extremely stressful life. To earn a living we have to struggle. This doesnít give us much time to become a part of a solution.

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