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Permanent colony on moon is the future.


- Water which is found to be most essential part of the planet earth is found to be present on moon- a recent study showed.

- Because of moonís proximity to the earth, it is seen as a prime location for permanent colonization of humans, by humans.

- Due to advancement in technology it has become possible to visit moon from time to time. It has also been found that it is filled with abundant material and rocks which can be used for colonization.

- It is also seen that the energy required to move materials from earth to moon is lower than the other bodies.

- Most of the resources are getting over and in thick of things the humans have to shift its base to another more suitable environment for their survival. So, colonization on the moon is definitely on the cards.


- The low gravity on moon could prove to be detrimental in humanís health.

- Colonization on moon will be way too expensive and way to difficult.

- Moon lacks a substantial environment i.e. its environment is different from that of earth in many aspects and it will be really complicated for man to make suitable conditions, to survive on moon.

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