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Patience is a bitter plant but bears sweet fruits


-Patience makes us stronger and helps us to endure perils.

- Patience reflects “wait”. In this process, we tend to learn and experience a lot. For e.g. an MBBS student at some time loses patience because of tremendous pressure. But, in this process, he learns a lot.

-When we eventually taste the fruit or feel the success, we naturally tend to feel content.

-We all have heard that “Patience is a virtue”. It helps us sustain optimism.

-Being patient avoids us being impulsive and yield incorrect decisions.

-Being patient but in action lets you work as per the demand of the situation & you can expect desired results.

-Entrepreneurship requires a lot of patience but needless to say, once the business takes off, sky is the limit for growth.


-With new challenges we face daily, we barely have the time to be patient. Everyone expects spontaneity from us.

-At times, patience leads to boredom. It prohibits us from moving ahead.

-With competition pressure we encounter in our lives, we always have to be ahead in the race. Being patient is often being perceived as being slow.

-Nothing comes with a guarantee. Being patient always may not lead to positive results. E.g. Divorcees.

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