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It is better to be born lucky than rich


- Nothing stays forever. Being rich is a state which might not last long. Hence, it’s better to be lucky.

- Being rich might just buy you monetary things. Peace of mind can be attained if you are lucky. For e.g. So many people lose their loved ones to accidents and or diseases. We usually say “because we were not lucky, we lost them”.

- If your luck favors you, you can have lot of money. E.g. we hear so many lottery winners each passing day.

- If you are born rich, unless you are self-motivated, little do you learn about challenges, competition etc. because, everything comes easy to you.

- If you run out of luck, you are still motivated to work. But, if you run out of money, you relatively get more demoralized. For. Eg. An interviewee if doesn’t get selected could be because he wasn’t lucky. But, he will still be motivated to apply elsewhere. However, if an employee is terminated, he runs out of money soon and is demotivated.


- Being lucky is a state of mind more than anything else. Being rich is something that’s apparent. If you are rich, you get more opportunities because of your status.

- If you realize at some point that you are lucky, you tend to take things for granted and don’t work hard to achieve them.

- In today’s environment, we often hear “If you have the money, you have the power”. Being rich can get you what you want than being lucky.

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