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India should practice "Swadeshi"


- This would help in eradication of politics, ego and corruption.

- It will help in eliminating the evils of poverty, social and economic discrimination.

- It will ensure that Indian money doesn't go out of the country.

- It will create newer employment opportunities making.

- We have a huge population, Swadeshi would ensure that people use their time and energy constructively in self and national development

- It will increase our level of pride and India's stauts on international forum.

- It would bring with it a sense of nationalism as hand made items made from villages will be given more priority.

- It brings a feeling of self-control and self-belief which makes us prone to the luxuries offered by the world.

- Hinduism would make a mark in India because of the Swadeshi feeling underlying it.

- It would result in uniting people under one religion and by doing that having the power the elect self-governing bodies that would function according to their requirements.


- It is not valid in today’s capitalist world. Everyone hides the reality and is sunk in head to toe in the pool of corruption.

- These principles are not valid in present times as the standard of living has changed drastically from the earlier times.

- The feeling of nationality is disappearing from the hearts of the people, so is the religion which has become an eloping past.

- Swadeshi and its principles are highly condemned by the educated class of India.

- It fails to enlighten the masses, as most of the people have a modern way of thinking which fails them to take up the thought of Swadeshi on the scheme of things.

- We can't expect to export our goods to other countries if we stop buying from them.

- Foreign companies bring in competition with them. This ensures that their Indian counter parts perform well on various fronts. The final benficiary of this competition is the consumer.

- Importing the goods from other countries opens a way for our goods in their market. It also helps in internation lobbying.

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