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Abolishing Haj subsidy - justified?


- Now acc to Islamic texts, it says that one should only go to Mecca when one has adequate financial resources. It is not a compulsion on the part of the state to fund such kind of a measure.

- The amount used in such subsidy is an engrossing one and it is better to use it in education and social development of the minority society.

- The government funds the Haj yatra every year and this is affecting our economy as funds are not used in development, which is a far more concerning issue as of now.

- In countries outside, like Saudi nations, Haj is done by people on their own i.e. funds are not provided to them by the government.


- Its not justified because, Muslimís are a minority and one of their major goals in life is to go on Mecca.

- As the law for the state says that, it should work for the upliftment of its people. So providing funds to Haj subsidy is justified.

- There is no sense in taking money from the pilgrims as they are fulfilling their wish to go on Haj.

- This does not hold the principles of secularism.

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