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NGO leaders should stay away from politics


- Politics is what makes a leader corrupt and NGO leaders works for the social welfare of the people, thus it becomes mandatory for them to stay focus and not to stray away from their goal of welfare of being.

- After entering politics NGO leaders could become manipulative and decisive and would definitely lose the sight of their path.

- NGO’s derive its strength from bipartisan and it would simply be impossible if they based on the models of political organizations.

- NGO’s are a non-profit organization and indulging into the matter of politics, NGO’s lose steam and focus.

- As soon as these social activists portray themselves as political crusaders they become very easy target for people who are waiting to defame them.

- They also lose their trust amongst people who they are supposed to help.


- NGO work towards social causes as it is one of the pressure groups which influence public policies; hence they require sufficient knowledge in the field of politics.

- Someone who has been working in the field of social service or as an activist can use the political platform to induce changes.

- NGO leaders have so much experience in doing work in the social sphere that; they can directly impact by taking positions in the political sphere.

- These social activists can socially benefit a nation if they work in accordance with the political sphere.

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