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Fate of Apple after Steve Jobs


- Jobs was notorious as he had a firm grip on his product during its developmental phase.

- He brought in the iPadsí, iPodsí and Macís which were all very distinct in design.

- It will be next to impossible to have his brilliance; both as a product visionary and super-salesman transferred to any other person.

- Jobsí was a historic leader of Apple and it was his contribution and dedication that brought success to his company.

- The impact of his new era technology has been monumental in growth of todayís societies and cultures.


- The company is well positioned and will have no effect whatsoever in the near future.

- The investors and customers had grown accustomed to the idea of apple without it brilliant leader.

- Apple shares had no impact even after the death of Jobsí and is very likely to remain the same.

- Jobsí successor Cook is also hard working and some believe is a true heir to jobsí throne.

- Jobsí has already laid the foundation of what comes next. Thus, it wonít be wrong to say that Apple will do well even without the visionary Jobsí.

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