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Viral Marketing should be encouraged


- It will definitely result in an exponential growth of the market and thus, economy.

- It will mean more exposure of our market on the global stage which will influence our economy.

- It provides effortless transfers of media to others while scaling easily from small to very large quantities.

- It is a very powerful advantage of the digital media which encourages sharing of content helping in campaigns and forming platforms for it.

- It is a great way to motivate millions of people and to ascertain them with a digital message that needs to be circled.


- It can be used out by various anonymous groups to give out wrong and false details which could create panic.

- A rumor can also be spread through viral marketing and as the news spreads like a virus, it is sure to cause panic among people.

- The terrorists can easily use it for creating a false alarm and making a chaos amongst people.

- If done through SMS or internet, it leads to clogging the servers uselessly.

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