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Nokia and Microsoft are a planned alliance or desperate move?


- Nokia and Microsoft are a planned alliance as they both require each other to make something new of substantial quality.

- Nokia has the technology to make a better smart phone whereas Microsoft has the support of the online features that are required for the promotion of this new technology.

- They are forming an alliance just to ensure their power and collective leadership on the market.

- It is a very good strategy implied by these two power companies to match the innovative smart phones made by other companies such as Apple and Android.

- These two companies if brought together will bring in some tremendous products which will help them compete on the global scale.


- It is a desperate move as both these are companies are giants in their own world and they do not need an alliance to promote themselves.

- Nokia’s attempts to create better and innovative smart phones have been all but in vain.

- Microsoft on the other hand has also been unsuccessful in taking the world by storm by its launch of mobile OS, which was termed as ridicule.

- Apple and Android are two massive brands that stand as the main dominant force in the market of smart phones. Thus, making huge companies like Nokia and Microsoft to combine forces to dominate the market.

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