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Tainted ministers should not be allowed to contest elections


- They like to keep silent even after looking at all the malicious things prevailing around them.

- They are afraid to take a stand as they are only concerned about their position and have no care for the people suffering from their deeds.

- Tainted ministers are soaked in corruption from head to toe, and people should not waste their precious votes in electing those who will only make them suffer.

- Tainted ministers are only going to worsen the economy of India which would not serve our purpose as we are on the road of development.

- A trained minister who can make strategies for all around development of the citizens of our country is required rather than a tainted minister who is self-obsessed.

- The problems of unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, etc will keep on increasing day by day as no consideration will be paid to these problems.


- The frame up and conspiracy is very common in country where politics play a very important role.

- Tainted ministers should be given a fair trial to know whether they are guilty of anything or are they being framed.

- They are likely to understand the problems of normal people as they would have had the experience of facing it themselves.

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