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Global warming


Different gasses emitted from power plants, cars, air planes. Gasses like Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide are the main culprits.

Pollution the polluted gasses emitted from the vehicles are the biggest cause of global warming.

Population Most of the populating countries will demand more vehicles, more demand for agriculture. This results in more methane because there will be more burning of fossil fuels.


To start with, plants and animals will be affected the most. This is because high temperatures will melt ice in Greenland and Antarctica increasing the rise of sea level.

High temperatures will make agriculture next to impossible. Only areas that will be left little cold can withstand the agriculture.

The rise in sea level will pollute the salt water, empty reservoirs and results in water scarcity.

Global warming will result in more heart related ailments.

In the worst scenario, the environment will be destructed leading to floods, drought etc.

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