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Grid Computing



Today we are in the world of internet and we always prefer to enjoy fast access of the internet. But due to multiple downloading of files there is a chance the system might hang up that leads to the restarting of the entire process from the beginning. This is one of the serious problems that needs to the attention of the research.

Grid computing was a way of combining computers across a network to form a distributed supercomputer to tackle complex computations. In the commercial world, grid aims to maximize the utilization of an organization's computing resources by making them shareable across applications (sometimes called virtualization) and, potentially, provide computing on demand to third parties as a utility service.

When used with specifications such as WSRF and WS-Notification, grid resources can appear as web services within a service-oriented architecture.

To achieve better response times for request from the web, data was cached on the edge of the network and services were distributed among the multiple systems. This resulted in the distribution of the integrated information infrastructure into hetrogenous and fragmented systems.

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