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technical symposium


Since the introduction of immobilizer systems the need for improved security constantly increases. Many Anti Theft Systems make use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology because of its unique features. RFID transponders can provide a high level of security at low cost. Stealing vehicle has become the eye catching business for culprits. There should be a reliable method of protecting the vehicle from

Firstly an original RFID TAG with the coded information (40 bit in length) is stored in the key of the vehicle, The lock system of the vehicle has an similar coded information. The vehicle sends a challenge (question)to the key part. The key part in turn sends a response (answer) in radio waves to the lock system or the reader. To avoid the fake burglars. Our paper proposes a new innovative, reliable, security measure for vehicles using cryptography (digital signature transponder).

The key recognition is the identification of an individual vehicle using cryptographic function is processed using a digital signature transponder. We are programming this DST to implement this protection techniqueencryption of the coded information we introduce the new concept of cryptography. The coded information is send via the cryptographic functions which is not possible for the thief to encode the coded information. If the correct response was got for the corresponding challenge, key carrying the information opens the lock.

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