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CEASIDE-2018 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering 18th - 20th January 2018 Thrissur, Kerala, India-Civil Engineering-Govt. Engineering College Trichur.

CEASIDE-2018 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering 18th - 20th January 2018 Thrissur, Kerala, India-Civil Engineering-Govt. Engineering College Trichur.

Conference Objectives

The constituent conference conducted by Department of Civil Engineering of GECT as a part of ICETEST 2018 is on the enabling theme of Civil Engineering Advancements for Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Environment and is aptly titled CEASIDE-2018.

With majority of the countries on the globe facing the threat of environmental degradation and consequent crunch in natural resources such as water, studies on the causes, effects and prevention of such degradation have attracted the attention of engineers and scientists all over the world. Several decades of experience in this field has led to revelation that developments in any area should be environmentally sustainable.CEASIDE-2018 aims at creating on a single platform a highly desirable confluence of the academia, the practitioners, and the researchers associated with the field. The delegates can share their experiences, achievements and findings derived from their research, field practice and implementation, and even the teaching-learning process. This will enable them to sharpen their faculties in all perspectives of the subject to help them keep abreast of the latest developments, build research and academic relationships, and also identify areas and agencies for future mutually beneficial collaboratio

ns. In tune with the above objectives, the Conference Secretariat requests the pleasure of participation from researchers, practitioners, academia and all interested in/associated with the theme of Prospering World through Sustainable Development by contributing research papers/articles for oral/posterpresentation as well as by attending the conference. The papers may be related to one or more of the topics listed in the Section on Conference Topics.

conference Topics

CEASIDE-2018 will ensure deliberations on a slew of related topics which include but not limited to the following

Air quality modelling

Air pollution

Coastal and River Management

Coastal Processes and Coastal Protection

Earthquake Resistant Structures

Environmental Hydraulics

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental Management

Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering

Hydraulic Structures and it impact on environment

Hydrology and modelling


Materials for Construction

Natural Hazards and Mitigation

Offshore Structures

Pavement Engineering

Pipe flow and transient analysis

Repair and Rehabilitation

Smart Materials and Structures

Steel Structures

Surface and Groundwater Modelling

Sustainable Water Resources

Traffic and Transportation Planning

Water Resources Management

Water Resources Planning, Policy and Management

Water supply

Equitable water distribution

Wastewater treatment

Watershed modelling and development


Government Engineering College Trichur (GECT) has been organizing its biennial International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science & Technology (ICETEST) since 2009 and the last one in the series was conducted in the year 2015. Overwhelming response to past conferences has inspired us to keep up the momentum by launching ICETEST 2018. The conference is being held from 18th to 20th January 2018 and the main conference theme is Society, Energy and Environment. The fact that GECT is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee year in 2017-18 makes this edition of ICETEST all the more special. As has been the tradition, ICETEST 2018 would be realized by the fulfillment of eight constituent international conferences; one each held in the Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Production Engineering, Computer Science and School of Architecture. These constituent conferences are on sub-themes of current topics / developments in the respective disciplines, with focus on the main theme Society, Energy and Environment.

Conflict between Energy and Environment has been of global significance lately and academic research need to support the industry and society through socially and environmentally sustainable outcomes. The conferences aim to discuss and disseminate major advances in technologies for Society, Energy and Environment. Apart from the customary plenary sessions, the international conference will include keynote speeches, lectures on state of the art technology, panel discussions, oral presentation sessions and poster presentations. Outstanding speakers, faculty and scholars from all over the world will present their research in modern technologies, providing solutions using sustainable technologies. We sincerely hope that the blend of pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes of Kerala, rich cultural heritage of Thrissur city, professional and social networking and warm hospitality will make the scientific event richer. visit for more details

Conference Venue

Civil Engineering Seminar Hall

Department of Civil Engineering

Governement Engineering College






Dr. Suabaida E A. Associate Professor (Civil Engg.)

+91 94465 37682

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